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[filmscanners] Re: Need some tips on Vuescan

From: "Peder Skyt" <pesky@pc.dk> wrote:

> Please use the latest version of Vuescan.
> Please study the "Vuescan User's Guide" (find it in the Help page).

Have the latest version and am going thru the guide....

>>> Set preview resolution to something like 500 dpi.
>>OK... but why?

> At some (high) preview resolutions Vuescan seems to do some kind of
> nearest-neighbour downscaling, resulting in a pixelated image. To
> minimize this scaling "damamge", set the preview resolution so that the

Ok... have found a marked improvement in the preview when i reduce the
resolution... seems to me that upto about a 1000 ppi is ok... (am using 1600
x 1200 on the monitor)

> Higher preview resolution also means more time before you seee the
> preview, _every_ time you refresh the preview.

That's not a major issue.... but thanks for the tip....

>>OK... but how do i set the focus point?

> Move the oscillating focus marker with your mouse. Or enter the numbers
> by hand. By the way, I always set "Crop units" to "pixel": It is easier

Problem solved... seems you have to have the crop box set to "blink" in
preferences for the focus box to show up... otherwise it's a virtually
invisible dot... figured it out after much fooling around :) Yes, and in any
case i do set measurements to pixels....

>>> Saved as 48Bit Tiff file....
>> No, don't save as 48 bit RGB; save as 16 bit Gray.
>One tip given here was to save as 16/48 bit RGB and then convert to B&W
>PS if i needed to...

> if you  don't like how Vuescan does the RGB-to-Gray conversion, then
> scan to a raw file (with proper exposure) and use your image editor to
> do the conversion.

By raw scan, i presume you mean the scanned tif version... not the raw scan
version that VS gives you the option to scan?

If so, that's what i do.... i don't really do any corrections in VS... try
to get as much detail as possible there and then do any adjustments in the
image editing application.

Thanks for the feedbacks Peder....



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