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[filmscanners] Re: OT: which wintel OS for digital imaging?


I stopped using Norton with Win98, because the most common answer on the
Adobe Forum list to problems with Photoshop 6 was 'get rid of Norton,
particularly Norton Protection'.

I then upgraded Norton to the 2002 XP version, but as I said, that crashed
XP straight away, so I uninstalled it, used System Restore, and everything
was OK again.

The irritating Messenger program (unless you actually want to message your
friends and chat to help at MS) can be stopped without going into the
Registry. One way is simply to type msconfig in the Run box, and then to
uncheck the Messenger program under the Startup tag. You can still run it if
you want to by clicking on Messenger in your program list.

I think you can also uninstall Messenger in the Add/remove programs dialog.

If you use Zone Alarm, you can also set that to prevent Messenger accessing
the Internet at all, or only with your permission.

If you start Messenger, I think you can also stop it running at startup from
it's own dialog, but as I am away from my XP machine at the moment, I can't
confirm that.

There is an awful lot of Pro stuff in XP Pro, such as better networking and
admin control over big systems, but the main advantage I've found for
standalones, is the Backup routine. I can backup my system drive and
partition info to floppy and CD or DVD and restore it when any major
catastrophe occurs. I used this when I tried reinstalling Win98 to another
drive after installing XP (The instructions say don't do this, but I
tried!). It didn't work - I could use Win 98 but not XP, and even with the
XP recovery Console I couldn't get XP to work again. But no problem: I just
ran the XP installation CD, told it I wanted to restore my system, inserted
the floppy and DVD, and lo and behold every detail of my drives was back to
their former state, with no effect on my data partitions. Much quicker than
reinstalling XP and all my programs!

Best wishes,

Bob Frost

----- Original Message -----
From: "Dave King" <kingphoto@mindspring.com>

That's an interesting observation Bob.  Perhaps Norton is the culprit.  The
standard Norton defrag doesn't work on an NTFS partition, so it actually
uses the Win defragger.

One thing that irrates me about XP Home is the MS instant messaging program
keeps reappearing at startup even if you turn it off.  Does the Pro version
do that?  I guess the registry has to be edited to fix that.

I have a friend who uses Win2K for audio recording work, and he's the one
who told me XP Pro is better than XP Home, less stuff you don't want or need
I guess, fewer things loading at startup etc.

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