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[filmscanners] Re: OT: which winOS + Zip drive warning

I recently read a series of articles regarding upgrading from W2K to XP
and the consensus was pretty much universal that there is no benefit for
all but the most specialized user who needed some of the new multi-media
features to "update".

Win 2K offers better more stability, better security, since XP is now a
hodge podge of patches to correct the "most secure OS ever made" leading
to the inevitable problems "paste up" software has.

Further still, XP has those lovely "security features" which are there
to make sure MS makes their cut on every copy out there, and requiring
people to register the program just to keep it running, and having to
ask Billy boy permission to replace major components, like your mainboard.

I'm sure over time XP will evolve, (what it will evolve into is another
matter)...  it is a stepping stone to the new disaster ".net", but for
now Win2K is probably the best OS MS has to offer...  if it had all the
drivers I needed for some of my legacy items I'd probably switch over.

While on an off topic item, a few days ago I updated my SCSI Zip drive
"Iomegaware" to the recently released "must have" update.

After three days of crashes, blue screens, intermittent stuck mouse,
lost email letters, inability to write a full floppy disk, let alone
much else, and spending days diagnosing power supply, hard drives,
connections and cards, virus scans, IRQ settings evaluation, and much
more, I removed the new Iomegaware completely, and magically all the
problems resolved.  So, my warning is if you upgrade this software and
have a bunch of weirdness, remove it.



hmsdoc@aol.com wrote:

> Having recently upgraded to XP from Windows ME, I can definitely say that XP 
>is a pleasure to use and far more stable than any prior Windows OS.  That 
>said, however, in retrospect I would have been much better of upgrading to 
>WSindows 2K, which, apparently, is just as stable and for which drivers are 
>much more available.
> Examples....I just had to return the Sprintscan 4000Plus because I could not 
>get it to work on XP (though there should be a fix in the next week or two).  
>Some have had trouble using a Spyder on XP, though I have not.
> Howard

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