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[filmscanners] RE: Advice Please

While others have given yo some very good answers, I would like to address
three tangential issues that you hint at.

First, as for the advice of distributors and retailers, remember that they
are selling products and seek to push customers toward the products that
they have in stock and which furnish them with the highers profit margins.
The may be the reason for your receiving contradictory advice from these
sources.  You should be well advised to take advice and suggestions from
them - even the best of them - with some caution and a grain of salt.

Second most if not all the glass carriers for the medium and better range
film scanners are made of anti-newtonian glass or plastics; they usually are
also scratch resistant but not unscratchable; and while they do require some
additional maintenance in terms of keeping them dust free, it is not less
than what one would encounter in a glass nagative holder for an enlarger, a
camera lens, or a glass slide mount.  It typically just is not that big of a
task keeping the glass film holders clean as compared to the benefits that
they provide when they are needed.

Third, as for the questions you raise regarding dept of field and sharpness
of the scans, the only way you can be certian that the quality meets YOUR
criterion and needs is to take one of your negatives or transparencies and
scan it using the different scanners outputting it to a removable media
which you can then take to have the images printed for comparison.  Since
questions as to if there is enough depth of field or sharpness to compensate
for less than flat negative or transparency handling is often a matter of
personal and individual assessment, no one can answer the question for you
in any definitive manner except yourself via testing.

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Subject: [filmscanners] Advice Please

I have worked as a freelance photographer for many years and am now looking
to replace my b/w darkroom with a film scanner.
I shoot medium format (t-max 100) film and the end use is for high qualiy
glossy magazines and corporate publications, usually A4, very occasionally
A3. The scanner would only be used for scanning b/w negs at this point.
I am receiving conflicting advice from various suppliers as regards what to
Calumet, for example, tell me that the Nikon 8000ED would be more than
adequate for the purpose, whereas Digital Workshop say that the Nikon would
not be up to the job and I would need a Flextight III, at considerably more
So, first question; would the Nikon give me pin-sharp scans from b/w negs,
suitable for high quality publication, at least to A4?
Secondly, when the Nikon was demonstrated, the film was clearly not at all
flat in the holder. They told me that the scanner had enough depth of focus
to compensate for this. Is this true? They also said that, if it was a
problem, a glass carrier was available, but I can forsee all kinds of
problems with that, such as dust on the extra 4 surfaces, and newtons rings.
Any advice welcome.

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