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[filmscanners] RE: Scanner calibration

Well, must admit I cannot complain on the image quality delivered by my IV
ED using his default driver NikonScan 3.1.2. Nikon's CMS seems to work good
However, I thought having the scanner calibrated precisely using the Q-60
TI8 slide and appropriate software might create even more precise results,
which I would like to compare with driver's native colors interpretation.
Frankly, this isn't something pressing me hardly, since the scanner already
deliver good results without his profile customization.

However I have another issue bothering me a lot.
A few days ago I changed my display purchasing new Iiyama VisionMaster 454.
It comes with his own setup software (INF file and ICC profile) which I
downloaded from their site and installed. into my system (Win98SE). Besides
of that, I tweaked the monitor's profile using Adobe Gamma utility
and installed it as working monitor's profile.
That was the starting point of my troubles. Once I did all that, the scanner
started to deliver
heavy bluish cast on slides which is easily distinguishable on both preview
and scan in Photoshop
and to correct it back I had either to play with analog gain feature on RGB
or to try to remove that in Photoshop using Curves in RGB channels. That was
really frustrating, considering the fact that with the previous monitor I
didn't have such problems from the beginning.
The friend of mine has recommended to remove this manually created monitor's
profile from the system (it is actually started automatically altering the
video card's LUT replacing the
default Window's values with those generated during my own calibration).
Since it is loaded automatically upon Windows startup, to remove it I had to
remove the link to this file in System StartUp menu.
After I did it, the cast has disappeared indeed for my happiness and the
scanned results started to look much more neutral resembling the situation
with old monitor.
This was relaxing.
However, I noticed new effect I didn't pay attention of earlier with new
The scans delivered to Photoshop seemed overexposed (excessive brightness).
Trying to lower the brightness (by Analog Gain, Master channel or by Curves
tool in Photoshop) helps, but then, opening the pictures in something like
ACDS viewer shows much darker image then it appears in Photoshop. That
confused me.
I was told the ACDs and most other available viewer doesn't support Color
Management which means the results aren't corrected by the monitor's profile
the Photoshop uses.
This is frustrating.
The only way left to go is to remove the Iiyama monitor's profile from
Display Properties so that the default Window's display profile (if any)
would only one for all applications, until I'll acquire monitor calibration
hardware/software tool to create precise monitor's profile.

Any thoughts ?

Alex Z

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Subject: [filmscanners] RE: Scanner calibration

Alex writes ...

> Recently I was given the IT8 35mm slide to try out my
> IV ED calibration, but I have no calibration software
> to handle IT8 pattern.
> ...

  Use littleCMS with care
... the results seem to be respectable, but I doubt if it will produce
anything better than the CLUT profiles which cane with your scanner.  What
scanning software are you going to use it with? What settings?

cheerios ... shAf  :o)
Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland
www.micro-investigations.com (in progress)

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