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[filmscanners] Re: Good scanner for B&W

On Fri, 19 Apr 2002 15:46:07 -0500  Joe Tait (jtait@texas.net) wrote:

> Can you give me some advice on good film types/dev? I have been shooting
> T-Max 100, dev in D-76 1:1, 68c in a Jobo Expert Drum, hand inversion.
> The
> shooting is 70% studio, 30% outdoors.

Chromagenic B&W such as TMaxCN and XP2 are about the only near-certain way
of avoiding the problem.

Unfortunately what works fine on one scanner can cause big trouble on
another, its an interaction between grain size and pixel size and spacing
akin to Moire. You can even have a situation where some areas are fine, but
others of different exposure are not. I can't see any way to predict which
film and dev combinations will cause problems beyond generalising that slow
fine-grain films should be better, and devs with a fair degree of solvent
action like D76 should be less problematic than active, high acutance
formulae like Rodinal. TMax100+D76 is a low risk combination, but you'll
still need to test it on the scanner you choose.

> Just in case you have some other advice, my purpose in scanning the negs
> is
> to get enlarged negatives for contact printing w/ various alt photo
> processes.

I have no direct experience here so can't comment. Except I do know of
people getting good results by producing an interneg via inkjet printing on
acetate. This sort of thing gets discussed a lot on the alt-photo-process
list, alt-photo-process@cse.unsw.edu.au


Tony Sleep
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