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[filmscanners] Re: Vuescan 7.5.11 Animate Changes

Henry Richardson wrote:
> I haven't downloaded a new version of Vuescan in awhile but today I
> downloaded 7.5.11.  After doing a preview scan earlier versions would not
> reflect the change in the preview pane until the Refresh button was pressed.
>   This version updates the preview pane as soon as I make a change.  The
> update always takes a few seconds with a 30mb image.  I hate that I can't
> control when it updates the image.  I found the "Animate changes" item on

I agree! That's why I consider Vuescan developing in a

Known exposure problems with low light temperature, long exposure
pass pixel damage since 7.2, weakness in grain removal, lack of
flexible sizing of output image in pixels, declining speed of
algorithmics, lack of complete slide material support, all this
was moved into the background for months at the cost of making
new buttons, sliders and animations, not to talk about these
fully useless passive histograms.

I am using 7.3.13 and every try of 7.5.xx ends in frustration,
especially the new batch processing and "auto resolution" is so
confusing. I still have my "Prev Mem" and "Scan Mem" buttons in
7.3 and I gladly decide each time by myself when to update the
image, as it always was so in Vuescan.

As they say: "Never change the winning team." What in heaven pushed
Ed to depart from a successful philosophy on his user interface
toward this defunct confusing chaos of 7.5. The old interface was
good to get the job done through explicit control and compelling


> the Color tab and it has 3 options:
> Off
> Refresh
> Changes
> The manual says this:
> *************************
> Animate changes
> Use this option if you want to show the changes from the last time the
> Refresh button was pressed or the last time a manual or auto-refresh was
> done.
> If this option is set to "Refresh", you choose the baseline image by
> pressing the Refresh button. The animation will then cycle between this
> baseline image and the current image.
> If this option is set to "Changes", any change to the image will save the
> previous image as the baseline image.
> This option is useful to see the effects of changing things like film types,
> filter options, or color options.
> *************************
> I set it to Off but it still updates the image immediately.  What do I need
> to do to make Vuescan not update the image until I press the Refresh button?
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