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[filmscanners] Re: Cloning

> I've run into a strange problem in Photoshop 5.0, and I need help.  I've
> been cloning successfully for weeks using the following procedure.  Find a
> blemish, use the marque tool to define an area close to the blemish (same
> tone), go to Edit/Define Pattern, click rubber stamp and click in area
> defined by marque tool ("Aligned" is checked in the "Pattern Stamp Option"
> box), move the defined area over the blemish, eliminate blemish with rubber
> stamp tool.

I can't quite get my mind around the method you are using. Perhaps more 
advanced than the
way I usually clone, so I can't quite help, except:

For small areas, what does this method have over the MUCH simpler method of 
merely selecting
rubber stamp, an appropriate brush size (almost always soft edged).
Then simply <alt>click on area to grab and then click on blemish to cover.

I don't quite get the Define Pattern as being particuarly helpful here, but 
again, I'm probably
missing something.

> Now something different is happening.  I find a new blemish, mark of an
> area adjacent to it with the marque tool, go to Edit/Define Pattern, select
> the rubber stamp and click in the defined area, move the marqued rectangle
> over the blemish, and click with the rubber stamp.  I get the
> *next-to-last* area that I defined cloned onto the new blemish, not the one
> I just selected.  The next-to-last selected area might have been light,
> while the present one is dark.  Furthermore, when I select an area and
> click in it with the rubber stamp, the last area selected is stamped into
> the newly defined area.
> I've closed Photoshop and re-opened it.  I've rebooted the computer.  The
> rubber stamp still "remembers" an old defined area and will not define a
> new one.  It seems that "Define Pattern" has quit working.
> There's a lot of wisdom and experience out there.  I need it, please.
> Best,
> John

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