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[filmscanners] Re: New to scanning

I have owned two of these scanners, but have seen samples of most from
people who own them.

 > Acer ScanWit 2720S

A good value for the quality of the product.  Fairly sharp, well over
what you need for your applications.  Some people have had interfacing
problems with the SCSI used  by Acer.  Claims 2700 ppi resolution.

If you have problems with dust and scratches, consider the 2740S which
includes a IR channel and dICE software which removes dust and
scratches, but requires a second scan, doubling the time it takes.

 > Canon FS2710

Also a reasonable scanner.  Tends to have more noise in the shadows than
some.  Stay away from it's older brother, the FS2700, which was a
disaster. Again, uses a SCSI interface. Claims 2700 ppi resolution.

 > HP S20

Some problems with quality control, and the whole design, which allows
you to scan up to 4x6" prints at 300 (pretty useless if you even own a
cheap flatbed) makes it more vulnerable to breakdowns and failures.
When I was using it, it had problems with reproducing Caucasian flesh
tones, but they have updated the software.  Claims 2400 ppi resolution,
but is considerably less.  Shadows are noisy.  Uses a USB interface.

 > Minolta Dimage Scan Dual 2

Overall a good unit.  Some shadow noise, which can be reduced with use
of Vuescan software (an addition $40 US expense).  Emphasizes dust, dirt
and scratches, but fairly sharp.  The film carrier transport is pretty
noisy (to the ears, not eyes), and the motorized manual focusing is a
bit finicky, also has autofocus.

There have been quality control problems with this scanner (I've been
through two and need to replace the last one, too)  Make sure you have
an easy way to exchange the unit until you get a good one.  Main
problems are either bad CCD elements or dirt within the system that
develops some elements not responding properly.  Has a claimed
resolution of 2820 ppi. Fairly fast scanning.  Uses USB interface.
Software provided is good except for the problems with green shadow
noise which is resolved with Vuescan.  Slide carrier is a pain to load
and unload without getting fingerprints on the image.

 > Jessops 3600 Pro

I just looked at PacificImage Electronics' website (www.scanace.com) who
makes the Primefilm 1800U (discussed below) and it seems they have two
new scanners out.  One is called the PF 3600PRO, which I suspect is the
"Jessops 3600 PRO".  I have no info on this, but overall Pacific Images
products are reasonably built.

In summary, in my opinion, if you keep you images in fairly good
condition (regarding dust and scratches) and you don't plan on using the
scanner for production of larger images or for final electronic files
for publications, then the Acer Scanwit FS2710 is more than you need.
In fact, for your needs, an even less expensive alternative might be the
Primefilm 1800U, which is an 1800 dpi clamshell design, with a USB
connection, which requires manual insertion of the film/slide.  It may
sell by a different name in the UK.  It is made by a division of
Microtek (Pacific Image), who also makes the Kodak RF3600, the new
Jessops PF3600PRO, and the new PrimeFilm 1800AFL USB which is also a
1800 ppi model.  I have yet to see the new Primefilm models at work, but
they look interesting.


Simon Whaley wrote:

> Hi
> I'm considering purchasing a film scanner to enable me to transfer 35mm
> colour transparency images onto my PC.  As a Freelance Writer, I am
> interested in being able to email a magazine editor with sample pictures or
> print out a reduced size image (say about 2 inches square) and send by snail
> mail - just to illustrate to an editor the type of pictures I have
> available.  I am not looking to reproduce my transparencies in great detail
> (A4  or A3 size for instance).  I have a budget of about 350 and am
> considering the following:-
> Acer ScanWit 2720S
> Canon FS2710
> HP S20
> Minolta Dimage Scan Dual 2
> Jessops 3600 Pro
> I would be interested in your comments and any scanners not on this list.
> Thank you.
> S Whaley

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