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[filmscanners] Panoramic neg support on Minolta Scan Multi Pro with Vuesca

> > Does VueScan with the Minolta Scan Multi Pro allow scanning
> >  24mm x 65mm (Noblex, XPan) film at full 4800 optical resolution?
> Yes.  You'll need to use the glass Medium Format film holder
> to do this.  You can actually scan up to 38mm x 83mm at
> 4800 dpi.

Have you actually tried this ? If so were you pleased with the results ?



I've placed a sample scan on my website
(http://www.area360.com/samples.html). This is a 24x65mm E100S transparency
(in need of cleaning) scanned in the Minolta software with the "35mm
multi-format" holder selected but I actually used the medium-format glass
holder. This is not intended to represent the best the scanner can do, as it
is about the sixth scan I've done with it.

Long before I bought the scanner, I contacted Minolta regarding 4800 dpi
scanning of 24x65 shots. I was told "no." Well, in fact Minolta's software
does it. I think that the difference between Minolta and VueScan is that
Minolta software assumes 24mm film width, but Ed allows use of the 38mm the
scanner is mechanically capable of scanning at 4800 dpi.

Be forewarned that the page is about 440k. It includes a small jpeg of the
entire image, and a 100x6000 pixel slice of the raw scan at full resolution.
The slice includes clouds, blossoms in a tree, branches in shade, water, a
wooden wharf, a white sign, a white fiberglass boat, blue sky.

I've scanned this image in VueScan and the Minolta software, and I detect
neither noise in single-pass scanning nor Newton rings with either.

As you examine these images, bear in mind that the transparency was
"unmasked," which can't be doing any good.

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