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[filmscanners] Re: OT: Choosing a high End CRT

The one fundamental thing on choosing a monitor is to buy the demo <g> ( or
at least have the seller hook up the one he is proposing to sell you, so
you can see the images for yourself). They DO vary from sample to sample.
You want to check a sharp image, and also a screenful of text, at a small
font size. If the text is sharp, everything is likely to be. If the colors
are smooth and pleasing, and the text is sharp, all is usually well, as far
as sample variations are concerned. Just my experience.
At 02:00 PM 02/28/2002 +1100, you wrote:
>No, Mitsubishi designed and made their own -- I think the Sony patent expired?
>Many people have reported that the Mitsubishi version is to be preferred --
>but of course they all make their fair share of duds, and the video card
>used has some bearing on it too...
> >Don't the Sony and Mitsubishi use the same tubes?
> >
> >rob
> >
> >Bill Fernandez wrote:
> >
> >> Florian--
> >>
> >> I have a Mitsubishi 2040U (replaced by the 2060U) and a Sony GDM
> >> F500R, both 21" monitors, sitting next to each other.  Both have
> >> aperture grill CRTs.
> >>
> >> They both calibrate & profile nicely with OptiCal and the Monitor Spyder.
> >>
> >> But the Sony is very fuzzy (even at only 1280 x 1024)  while the
> >> Mitsubishi is very sharp even at 1920 x 1440 (the highest my card
> >> goes).
> >>
> >> The Sony also needs its convergence adjusted more often, converges
> >> less precisely across the screen, and it's dark bias drifts both in
> >> color and intensity.  It also cost significantly more than the
> >> Mitsubishi.
> >>
> >> Needless to say I'm very happy with the Mitsubishi and will avoid
> >> buying Sonys in the future.
> >>
> >> --Bill
> >>
> >
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