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[filmscanners] Re: OT: Choosing a high End CRT


I have a Mitsubishi 2040U (replaced by the 2060U) and a Sony GDM
F500R, both 21" monitors, sitting next to each other.  Both have
aperture grill CRTs.

They both calibrate & profile nicely with OptiCal and the Monitor Spyder.

But the Sony is very fuzzy (even at only 1280 x 1024)  while the
Mitsubishi is very sharp even at 1920 x 1440 (the highest my card

The Sony also needs its convergence adjusted more often, converges
less precisely across the screen, and it's dark bias drifts both in
color and intensity.  It also cost significantly more than the

Needless to say I'm very happy with the Mitsubishi and will avoid
buying Sonys in the future.


At 2:03 PM +0100 27-2-02, Florian Rist wrote:
>this is off-topic, but your comment would certainly be of great
>value to me.
>Im thinking about getting a new display. Im studying
>architecture an will uses the display for various work from CAD
>to advanced digital imaging and DPT work. It will be connected
>to a high end workstation running Windows 2000(VGA is a Elsa
>GLoria III) and replace a 17 EIZO FlexScan T562-T. Im
>running a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels on this CRT and the
>main reason Id like to replace it is to be able to run a higher
>resolution (the GLoria III supports up to 2048 x 1536 pixels).
>Im looking to a high end 21-24 CRT. Any suggestions?
>I took a closer look at the latest Eizo 21 CRTs Eizo F980 and
>Eizo F956, the 21 Sony F520 and their 24 model FW900.
>Any comments on these models? Any other models and brands
>I should consider?
>The problem is, I need a very high resolution for CAD
>(>1600x1200) and excellent colour accuracy for DTP and
>digital imaging work.
>Im looking forward to read your comments.
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