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[filmscanners] Re: Nikon D100

Austin Franklin wrote:
> > The problem with flatness of the CCD and CMOS sensors dictated even
> > modifications in lens design.
> How does lense design help solve this?  The light rays come from what ever
> angle they come from, and I don't believe lense design can do anything to
> help.  This issue is only pertinent with wider angle lenses.
> > You might browse the web pages of
> > Olympus, the E-20N specifically. I read there recently an article
> > about details of their new Zuiko Lenses for the Pro cameras, which
> > in my opinion utilize much better through their shape and design
> > the digital orientation, as compared to Nikon's and Canon's big
> > SLR remakes.
> Do you have the URL?  If so, would you please post it to the list?

Yes, it's easy to find by following the links at Olympus actually:


> > The *.pdf E-20N brochure depicts a cross cut of a conventional
> > 35mm lens as compared to the new lens made for the current CCD
> > or CMOS sensors.
> And do they show the actual light rays traced?  It must look like the magic
> bullet that is claimed to have killed President Kennedy ;-)

Fortunately, it's not that magic. Look at the cross section drawings.
The back element is wider and closer to the sensor and the rays are
more parallel at the exit of the lens. This should indeed prevent
light falloff on the corner of the sensor and the necessary analog
correction for this effect.


The problem is similar to the reason of the light fall off in the corners
of large LCD screens. With 18" screen for example, the angle between your
eyes and the corners may be already as much as 15-18 deg.


> Regards,
> Austin

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