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[filmscanners] RE: I hardly dare mention Hard Drives

I think you must have missed the post I made about 36 hrs ago, Art,
saying thanks to all (include yourself!). I managed to cure the problem
by a bit of tweaking (guided by a list member) in Windows XP. The
machine always 'saw' the drive, it's just that quite a bit of it was
never allocated. Don't ask me why, but it is now happily humming away as
a jolly big scratch drive.

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Subject: [filmscanners] Re: I hardly dare mention Hard Drives

I'm the local armchair expert on everything.  Ask Moreno.

IDE drives when through an evolution.  Computers made before 8/94 were
typically restricted in their BIOS to acknowledging 528 MB drives.
After that, until about 1996 drives were only recognized in BIOS up to
2.1 gigs.  Then DOS 6.X and Win 3.1 had a limit of 8.4 GB.

Any of these can cause the problem.  To fix it there are a number of
possible fixes.  Updating your OS if it is stuck at 8.4 gig.

Some computers have flash memory BIOS and just need a firmware flash
upgrade which may be available at the motherboard's manufacturer's
website.  Some can be adjusted within BIOS and it is just a matter of
changing some settings.  Some computer require a literal BIOS chip
replacement to make this repair in firmware.

However, most hard drives today come with a small software patch on a
floppy disk which allows for a software fix that loads during boot up.

If your harddrive came with a manual or installation instructions check
them, as this is usually discussed.  If it came with some installation
software, it probably has the patch with it.

Some drives require different jumper settings dependent upon how you go
about fixing the problem, and occasionally the patch can cause your
system to hang, and you may need to contact the manufacturer of your
motherboard or the drive company.


John's ntl account wrote:

> But... some of you demonstrated recently you knew a lot about them,
> I have a (scanner related) problem. I bought a Maxtor 4D040H hard
> as a slave to my main hard drive so as to have a giant scratch disk
> Photoshop. Trouble is, the wretched thing reports under 2Gig file
> while 38 Gb goes unallocated. Now if one of you experts would like to
> tell me off list what you think I've done wrong I'd be eternally
> grateful. And my scanning will improve ;-)

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