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[filmscanners] Re: scanner for neg strips

The Pacific Image 1800 is also made by a Microtek division.  I don't
know how it differs from the Microtek Filmscan 1800.  The Pacific Image
1800 is an open clam shell design that does allow for full roll
scanning, but you have to move the film manually (no motor drive).  The
3600, which I think was/is also sold as a Kodak product, I believe has
motor drive, and is designed with "walk away" scanning, however, when it
came out there were a lot of complaints about the software.  The 1800
models are 1800 dpi, which is probably satisfactory for your needs.  The
PI 1800 is quite inexpensive, and I'd say for the cost, one of the
better values on the market.  Within its limitations of resolution, the
image quality both for slides and negs was quite acceptable.  However, I
only saw the unit being demoed by a PI rep, so I cannot say if it was
"easy" to work with or not.

I don't think there are too many owners of this model on this newsgroup.
  You might try scan@leben.com as that group caters to a broader group
of people including more flatbed and lower end film scanner owners. (and
d*mn it, if anyone asks me to "prove it" ........)

I honestly don't know why the PI 1800 isn't distributed more in photo
stores as a low end alternative, but perhaps there is some inherent flaw
I down know about.  You can download some sample scans from their
website, which gives you some info, although not enough about the
functionality of the scanner.


Tomek Zakrzewski wrote:

> I'm looking for a scanner able to scan whole rolls of negatives film. I want
> the machine to give me scans good enough for a digital contact sheet
> (PhotoIndex on screen), for web publications and occasional inkjet prints
> within 6x8". It's important for me to get good results from negatives with
> minimum of fiddling (VueScan compatibility?).
> I heard about the Pacific Image 1800 and the new Microtek Filmscan 1800 and
> 3600 but don't know how they perform (any other competitors?).
> Of course it should be as cheap as possible, as my high quality scanner I'm
> going to buy the Minolta Multi Pro.
> I also thought about the Nikon LS4000 + strip film adapter but this is a
> very expensive alternative, too close in price to the MF minolta.
> Regards
> Tomek Zakrzewski

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