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[filmscanners] Re: New Adaptec ASPI version 4.70 released-Not for W95

At 05:50 PM 2/17/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Are we correct in guessing that if we don't have an Adaptec SCSI card then
>we won't gain anything by downloading the Adaptec 4.70 software? On Ed's
>site, there are two choices for an ASPI download; the Adaptec for that type
>of SCSI card and the LSI site for other types of SCSI cards. I have used the
>LSI driver for my Advansys SCSI card and it works fine with Windows XP. Just
>reassuring myself because I am not sure if any of the Adaptec information
>concerns me?
>Owen P. Evans
>Osgoode, Ontario. Canada
>(near our nation's capital; Ottawa)
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Jeff Spirer" <jeff@spirer.com>
>To: <opevans@ca.inter.net>
>Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2002 4:19 PM
>Subject: [filmscanners] Re: New Adaptec ASPI version 4.70 released- Not for
>At 04:13 PM 2/17/2002 -0500,  wrote:
>>So folks
>>install a SCSI card, W2K/XP sees it and seems to install everything
>>necessary for it's operation, but at least as regards many (most?) SCSI
>>scanners, they won't function without ASPI layer.
>The excellent tech support at Polaroid helped me to get my SS120 working
>with an Adaptec card without ASPI.  Interestingly enough, the useless tech
>support at Adaptech told me it wouldn't work and I needed a new card.
>Jeff Spirer
>Photos: http://www.spirer.com
>One People: http://www.onepeople.com/

As I understand it, the ASPI layer was more-or-less an Adaptec creation,
and for a while everyone used it.

Then Adaptec started to get shirty about other card mfrs using it with
non-Adaptec chipsets, so some others were created by those makers and by
one or two software purveyors.

For a while it was difficult to get it from the Adaptec website -- this
seems to have changed lately.

The ASPI layer in various iterations of Windows is an Adaptec version, but
was somewhat bastardised (I suppose by M$) and didn't always do what it

Adaptec have lately moved away from using the ASPI layer in their software
and declare it's no longer necessary -- unfortunately other software has
different ideas...

I'm using version 4.60 in XP (ASPICHK tells me it's Windows NT -- version
4.70 might recognise XP?) on an Athlon powered RAID system with an IOI SCSI
card, so far with success.

I did have problems under XP with both an Adaptec 2940U/UW and an Advansys,
but to date the IOI has been fine -- it runs an internal Plextor CD burner,
an SS4000 and an old Epson GT-8500 flatbed quite happily.



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