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[filmscanners] Re: MF on flatbed

  • To: lexa@www.lexa.ru
  • Subject: [filmscanners] Re: MF on flatbed
  • From: "Ned Nurk" <ned_nurk@hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 18:12:32 +0000
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I too have a 1640 and make scans from b&w negatives. the lack of sharpness &
dynamic range is a big problem, cant really print bigger than a5 without it
looking mushy.

would like to see side by side comparisons of all the latest 2400 dpi

>From: "James L. Sims" <jlsims@knology.net>
>Reply-To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
>To: ned_nurk@hotmail.com
>Subject: [filmscanners] Re: MF on flatbed
>Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 21:49:12 -0600
>For medium format I have been using an Epson 1640 and the resolution (1600
>ppi) is not
>ideal.  The 2450 would be much better from the standpoint of resolution.
>However, I get a
>rather objectionable degree of noise and some posterization when scanning
>thick negatives
>and slightly underexposed transparencies.  The posterization is more
>prevalent with the
>transparency scans.  Is anyone who is using the 2450 experiencing this
>Jim Sims
>Godfrey DiGiorgi wrote:
> > I have tried many different times to do negs on various flatbed scanners
> > without a transparency unit and none of them made satisfactory scans.
> >
> > On the other hand, the Epson 2450 Photo scanner does a super job with
> > ppi scans of up to 4x9 inch transparency/negatives. Well worth the
> >
> > Godfrey
> >
> > On Saturday, February 16, 2002, at 05:05  PM, Ken Durling wrote:
> >
> > > Does anyone have any experience scanning Medium Format (6x6) negs or
> > > slides on a flatbed?  I don't have a transparency adapter, but someone
> > > mentioned something like a "light tent?"  This is new to me, so I
> > > thought I'd ask.  I have an HP Scanjet 5200C.   Is there any hope?
> >
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