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[filmscanners] Re: Multi-coloured lines in images...


I can't blame you for being upset.  I would be as well.  If I might make
one suggestion.  Before totally giving up on HP (and you'd have every
right, to based upon your experience) you might want to try something
that might help both HP and yourself.

As you might know, HP is in the middle of a battle right now regarding
getting shareholders approval for their tentative merger with Compaq
Computers.  There is a large dispute taking place in the US over this
matter between Walter Hewlett (son of William Hewlett, one of the
founders of HP) who sits on the board and is opposed to this merger, and
the rest of the board spearheaded by Carleton (Carly) Fiorina the CEO.

Anyway, HP is in a very sensitive position with the public right now,
because this very public display of infighting is not helping them, and
their stock price is reflecting this.

I realize you are in Italy, and you normally would deal with HP Italy,
BUT, I suggest you write an email directly to Carly Fiorina's office,
via the internet.  I believe if you look at HP's website in North
America you will find the link for her office. I wonder if Fiorina is an
Italian name-- maybe you could use a few choice words in Italian :-)

Express to her what you stated in your posting below. (she probably
won't read it, but they are pretty good about getting customer
complaints to the right people).  One of the reason HP wants to merge
with Compaq is because HP has a mediocre reputation in Europe while
Compaq's is better.

Let them know that if they should merge, you won't by either brand's
product because you were poorly treated by HP Italy.  I can't guarantee
you'll get any satisfaction, but you might.  HP here might kick up a
little dust at HP Italy, to get some service for you.

Probably worth a try.


Ezio c/o TIN wrote:

 > Maybe it is of 0 (zero) interest to anyone , but my HP 6200c ... a very
 > expensive unit finally decided to DIE ! ... and this just after 3
years from
 > the EXPENSIVE purchase and VERY FEW scans performed .
 > I have brought the unit to  repair centre (no way HP will receive the
unit !
 > ... not even if I would have carried at their central premises here
in Italy
 > !) and the final sentence is ... not repairable , frow it in the
 > ... (and actually the TRASH is the PROPER PLACE for THIS HP STUFF !) ...
 > I have been ripped following the ads of HP and is reputation (quite
 > how this kind of brand can have such a reputation with stuff like
this sold
 > in the marketplace) ... the scan was NEVER able to scan a slide
despite the
 > specifications ... then I discovered the feature being a simple MIRROR
 > !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... such a cheat !
 > the installation always being TRICKY under W98 and almost impossible
in the
 > proper way
 > the operations always randomly working / crashing .... and the past 6
 > with 2 big brown/multicolor bands on the scans ...
 > I will never buy an HP product any more and I strongly suggest
everybody to
 > look for other brands more serious , with better and more reliable
 > Sincerely.
 > Ezio
 > www.lucenti.com  e-photography site
 > ICQ: 139507382
 > ----- Original Message -----
 > From: "Arthur Entlich" <artistic-1@shaw.ca>
 > To: <ezio.lucenti1@tin.it>
 > Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2002 11:19 AM
 > Subject: [filmscanners] Re: Multi-coloured lines in images...
 > I'm guessing your calibration strip might be damaged, or dirt is on the
 > sensor itself.
 > Art
 > Ian Jackson wrote:
 >>I have exactly the same problem on my HP Officejet 1150c scanner.  I
 >>cleaned the glass,  mirrors,  lens and even the ccd window but no
 >>improvement. I changed the cold cathode lamp with no improvement.
 >>As this problem is also seen when use the Officejet as a stand alone
 >>copier it eliminates any issue with my computer,  e.g. video card.
 >>I suspected that the ccd is failing and tried to mask off a section of
 >>it to see if that section still showed the problem.  This was
 >>impossible to do due to the calibration sequence which because of the
 >>masking was getting too little light and reported that the lamp was
 >>failing (but it was new)
 >>Two days ago I bought a new 2400dpi flatbed scanner for not much more
 >>than the 250UK pounds which HP wanted just to look at my Officejet.
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