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[filmscanners] Re: Foveon


We all know that television killed radio, cable TV killed the networks,
video killed the movies, and the internet did in books, magazines,
newspapers, mail order catalogues, videos, movies, telephones, and, oh
yes, the department store and malls (did I forget anything ;-)).

I do know one thing... the Segway is going to do in the car! ;-)

Now, where did I put my jetpack?


ThomasH wrote:

> Julian Vrieslander wrote:
>>This is a bit off-topic, but it may interest people on this list.
>>The NY Times has a report on a new digital sensor technology, which might
>>have advantages over CMOS and CCD devices.  One of the principals is
>>Carver Mead, who has a pretty good track record as an inventor and
>>technology developer.
>>The NYT site requires registration, but it's free.
> I think the news are about the 16 Mpixels sensor made in
> cooperation with National Semiconductors.
>   http://www.eetimes.com/story/OEG20000912S0048
> This is simply one more sign for the fast approaching and
> inevitable end of the conventional film with its arcane of
> problems typical to all analog technologies of information
> storage. Here we have the imbalances of chemical development
> process causing color deviations, problems with dust free
> upkeep and mechanical damages down to the limited longevity
> of images caused by fading, bacteria and fungi.
> In pair with the next generation of digital cameras we will
> have a common access to DVD/RW offering affordable gigabytes
> in removable storage for large amount of high resolution images
> in an lossless format. In the future we will talk more about
> ink jet and dye sublimation printers, their speed and the
> longevity of the prints. Scanners in common use will be
> only the flatbed scanners.
> Celluloid film will share the fate of the once so beloved
> 33.3rpm vinyl LP's and the diamond needles used to play
> them. They are now only in our memories and collectible
> items...
> Thomas.

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