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[filmscanners] ADMIN: List charter alterations

Naturally I have received a complaint about my summary blockage of the Hard
Disk Speed thread. I concede it may have been a misjudgement on my part
that summarily deprived a large number of readers of invaluable

I therefore propose a few revisions to the list charter.

(1)On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, list discussion will be strictly
limited to topics intimately related to filmscanners, in plain text, with
neatly clipped quotes.

(2)Wednesday will be Hard Disk Day. All other subjects will be disallowed,
although messages discussing SCSI vs. IDE will be permitted up to a limit
of 2,000 repetitions per day. This is also gratuitous ill temper day.

(3)Friday will be Vuescan day. Just so Ed doesn't get bored over the
weekend, and can squeeze in a whole 3 betas before Monday.

(4)Saturday will be HTML, unclipped comments, MS Winmail, giant sig, 'I'm
sorry I am out of the office until Monday' autoresponders, Kanji, 'GET ME
OFF THIS LIST!' and virus attachment day. Any subject at all, nobody will
read them. An ideal time to revive the popular 'life of CD' speculations

(5)Sunday will be Self Indulgence day, featuring
religious/political/ethical debate incl. Mac vs. PC, Nikon vs Canon, NASDAQ
tips, Bill Gates is/isn't dangerous, and 'my wife's divorced me because I'm
always on the computer' day. Or anything else. It won't matter because
generally I'll have the server in bits, fitting a new hard drive. Don't ask
what sort, it's not Wednesday.

I trust this new, enlightened structure meets the requirements of all list


Tony Sleep
http://www.halftone.co.uk - Online portfolio & exhibit; + film scanner info
& comparisons
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