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[filmscanners] Re: PC memory type for filmscanning (OT - slightly)


Honestly I think you'll find the overall performance of a P4 system or an
Athlon system fairly comparable and the memory differences fairly small.
The more the better.  An area to not forget, that has significant impact, is
disk performance.

My current platform is a P4-1.8 with 1GB of RDRAM.  I also added a Promise
Raid 0 card and a pair of Western Digital 100GB drives.

It works wonderfully.  I'm very pleased.  I suspect I'd be just as pleased
with a P4 with DDR memory (for example, the Dell Dimension 4400 -- mine is a
Dimension 8100) or an Athlon system.

One key -- go with Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Don't bother with Windows Me.

Any way you look at it, it will be fast.


I've been using a Polaroid SS4000 with a wintel platform
that has 384 MB of ram. The platform is ~5 years old and
I'm thinking of getting something new. I've found the
384 MB of ram to be useable (just) even when working with
scans using 16 bits per channel.

In looking at new systems a major difference is whether to
go with a system using 1GB of RDRAM memory (400mb/sec
front side bus) or one using 1GB of DDR memory (266mb/sec
front side bus). From what I've been able to discern RDRAM
memory will be faster with large ~100MB files.

Is RDRAM a better choice for systems used for scanning and
processing large 2d image files?

Does anyone have any suggestions for www sites that discuss
this issue?

Thanks and happy new year,

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