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Re: filmscanners: VueScan 7.3.2 Available

> It is worth bearing in mind that percentages give you more fine-grained
> control than numbers typed into a Levels box.  A Level number is an 8-bit
> thing (from 0 to 255) - well, by convention it is, anyway.

well, it shouldnt be like that: if your scan is in 16 bit, then we should
have 16 bit precision. that is also why i would like two histograms: raw
data, and result which can be 8 bit or 16 bit.
Why shouldnt we work in terms of real 16 bit or real 8 bit numbers in
vuescan, instead of some translation in percentages, or other type of
conversion? Percentages with lots of digits behind the point give a false
suggestion of precision if the original data is not so precize.Also
percentages express the wp as a fixed part of the image, instead of giving
it a fixed value in the shadescale, which should give more repeatable
results.....(yes i know i can lock down these settings)

> doing these in LAB mode to avoid causing significant saturation changes.
> Which means that Vuescan may not be the place to do these kinds of
> manipulations.

lab doesnt seem to be very /hue consistent . On epson-inkjet i think there
was a discussion on this issue that lab manipulations suffer from hue

jan albrecht


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