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Re: filmscanners: Prime Film Scanner1800u

Like Art, I can't comment on how easily it sets up on a Mac, but here are 2 
sites about it.  I suggest visiting both, because they express rather different 



My guess would be if your client:
- uses the Zone System and knows the difference between Velvia and Sensia, s/he 
won't like it much..
- is after nothing more than 7" x 5" prints, and accepts that some images will 
not scan well, eg underexposed slides, they'll love it!


mark t

> From: DaleH <dhoff@margnat.com>
> Subject: filmscanners: Prime Film Scanner1800u
> I'm trying to get a client started in scanning film instead of 
> drugstore snapshots and wondered if anyone had anything to say about 
> the Prime 1800u film scanner costing under $200 at CompUSA?
> It would be used on a Mac. I don't want to get them involved in buggy 
> driver or other compatibility issues.
> DaleH


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