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Re: filmscanners: Color Negative Film Poll

I've been using Supra 400 pretty regularly for ~ a year.
I think it scans (a bit) better than Royal Gold 400 but
the differences are not dramatically obvious to me.

Then I made the mistake of trying Provia100F. I get
such better results that I now use it (pushed 1 stop)
as my standard film. Compared to the negative films
I've tried (RG100, RG400, Supra100, & Supra400) it
is grain less.  I also find that with slide film I have
fewer struggles getting color balance that pleases me .
I'm not fond of giving up the  exposure latitude one gets
with negatives but willingly sacrifice that for Provia's great
quality. I almost like it as much as I did Kodachrome 25 though nothing can 
beat the color rendition of that.

So my advice would be get Provia push it one stop and bracket
your exposures.


At 01:01 AM 11/21/01 -0700, Herb Bauer wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I'm leaving for my vacation soon, and although I'd like to evaluate my
>camera equipment against various films, film processing and digital
>post-processing, there's really no time. I'd like to solicit this group's
>recommendations for the "best" out-of-the-box color negative film to use
>with a Polaroid SprintScan 4000 and PolaColor SprintScan or Vuescan. I have
>read good things about Kodak Supra 400 and Fujicolor NPS 160, and the
>purpose is mostly hand-held travel pictures under various lighting
>Many thanks in advance,


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