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Re: filmscanners: VueScan Viewer(Mac)

On 11/19/01 5:51 PM, Larry <ldodge@rochester.rr.com>, wrote:

>I'll answer my own question.
>After several attempts I discover you have to turn off the quicktime
>exchange optiom in the quicktime control panel.  Then you go to
>advance in the file exchange control panel and make sure the map
>outgoing and income are checked.
>Then it works fine after scanning is completed in VueScan it
>automatically opens up the file in photoshop.

Larry's suggestion does work - I just tried it.  Scan files created by 
VueScan are sublaunched in Photoshop (or the application designated in 
File Exchange control panel).  Furthermore, double-clicking on the files 
will open them in the same designated application.  

But these files are created with generic file attributes: file type 
'BINA' and creator type '????'.  So the files have no icons, and if they 
are moved to another Mac, the user might not be able to open them with a 

I'm also wondering if disabling QuickTime Exchange option has other 
consequences, whether this breaks the file/viewer mappings for some kinds 
of net-borne content.

My preference would still be for VueScan to do this the proper way, by 
setting the desired file attributes, or (if there is a way) for VueScan 
to force Mac OS to set those attributes.

Julian Vrieslander <mailto:julianv@mindspring.com>


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