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Re: filmscanners: VueScan Viewer(Mac)

On 11/18/01 9:54 PM, Larry <ldodge@rochester.rr.com>, wrote:

>I have not been able to make the external view use photoshop for
>opening up the tif files from vuescan (version 7.2.7) on a Macintosh
>I have changed the information in the file exchange control panel to
>indicate that photoshop should open a .tiff or .tif extension but the
>icon still shows to be a quicktime icon and opens in quicktime picture
>I have always saved the cropped tif files from vuescan to disk and
>then opened them with photoshop.  I have never been able to get file
>exchange to work.  If I double clicked a .tif file it would open in
>I am using system 9.1

You are not alone.  I see the exact same behavior in 9.2.1, and there are 
similar reports in the usenet group comp.periphs.scanners.  Someone there 
suggested a workaround: creating a file translation entry in the File 
Exchange control panel, so that the OS opens all files with creator 
'ogle' and file type 'TIFF' in Photoshop, rather than QuickTime's 
PictureViewer.  With this fix, VueScan will sublaunch tif files in 
Photoshop (if the external viewer option is set).  But the files are 
still saved with PictureViewer's creator type, 'ogle'.  If you want a 
double-click to open the file in Photoshop, you have to manually change 
its creator type to '8BIM'.

I sent a private communication to Ed Hamrick, suggesting that he should 
explicitly set the user's preferred creator type into the file, rather 
than trusting File Exchange to manage the type mapping (which apparently 
does not work in this scenario).

Julian Vrieslander <mailto:julianv@mindspring.com>


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