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Re: filmscanners: LS 4000 depth of field issue - what about LS 30/LS 2000?

As has been mentioned, I have exactly the same problem with my LS2000 and 
others have reported the same with the LS30 which presumably uses the same 
optics.  I discuss the quantification of the problem in excruciating detail 
on  http://members.austarmetro.com.au/~julian/ls2000-focus.htm

The depth of field in the LS4000/40 as discussed by Bill and others agrees 
with what I found in the LS2000 so I think the problem is of the same order 
in both, even if the optics are different.

I have asked Mikael in a previous message to compare the two since he owns 
one of each (2000 and 4000 I think)


At 06:10 20/11/01, you wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>after reading all that stuff as to the LS 4000 DOF issue, I'd be
>interested in learning what the LS 30 and LS 2000 owners have
>experienced in that respect. I have a LS 30 with which I have never run
>across DOF problems - however, I don't use the motor driven film strip
>feeder but the tiny metal/plastic film strip holder. If I had to buy a
>new unit tomorrow, I would, in evaluation of what was written here, most
>likely go for the LS 2000 or even the LS 30 again rather than pick the
>newer models that seem problematic in that respect.
>BTW, *if* there is a difference between LS-30/2000 and LS-40/4000 as to
>DOF there must be a reason for it. The newer units are said to be
>equipped with different optical elements (such as new lenses). Can that
>possibly be a key to that change in depth of field?
>Thoughts anyone?
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