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RE: filmscanners: pushing dynamic range on the nikon 4000ed--What is Analog Gain

> At 5:44 PM -0600 18-11-01, S Schwartz wrote:
>Is the Analog Gain a unique setting/feature on the Nikon
> scanner? Is there
>something equivalent on the SS4000 (via its native Insight or
> via VueScan)?

Typically "analog gain" is talking about the amplifiers between the CCD and
the A/D converter.  This is typically set during calibration by the scanner
firmware (and I would believe every scanner has it), and not something the
user "usually" needs to adjust.

If it's for the LEDs, than that's an entirely different thing, and will only
be applicable to scanners that have variable light sources, which the SS4k
does not.


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