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Re: filmscanners: Canon 4000 scanner VS Nikon LS4000

I also have just done some tests with my LS4000 and can conclude exactly the
same. Differences in 10 or or focus units shows a definite blur in those

Some people are mentioning that they use glass and I suppose I must also
do this if I am to get sharp scans - what a pain!

Are there any recommended glass mounts which people are getting good
results with? I really want a mount that will not crop any of the edges of
the image and where the glass itself does not interfere with the quality of
the scan.


On Fri, Nov 16, 2001 at 11:19:18AM +0100, Vladislav Jurco wrote:
> I agree with you Bill absolutely. LS IVED behaves in the same way. I agree
> with units you mentioned - which applied to real word mean to "measure" via
> the software uneveness of film position in the holder which must not be more
> than 12 units and to put focus in the middle. If the number is higher than
> app. 12 focus units I have to go with glass. Generally better eveness I get
> with stripes than with single frames but that is logical.
> My 0,02$
> Vlad
> --------------------------------------------------
> .........
> o I have a number of these slides where the Nikon cannot produce
> sharp scans across the entire image.
> o The NikonScan software lets me place the focus point anywhere on
> the image I like, and will give me razor sharp scans at that point.
> However other regions of the image will consequently become blurry.
> o When you manually set the focus point (by clicking the preview
> image where you want the scanner to focus), the scanner will focus at
> that point and report a number.  By clicking around you can compare
> the various focus numbers.
> o Regions that are within 6 focus units of the focus point (the
> scanner just gives a number, doesn't say whether this represents
> microns, angstroms, or what) will be substantially as sharp as at the
> focus point.
> o Regions that are 12 units different from the focus point will be
> noticeably blurry.
> ........
> o I have not done as much work with negative strips as I have with
> slides. I do see some focus variation across negative images but so
> far it doesn't seem as bad as for my most-curved slides.
> --Bill
> --


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