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RE: filmscanners: pixels, printer dots, etc

Thank you for that very informative post.  There is one issue I believe
warrants clarification, IMO.

> So you don't want to scan at 1440 dpi at full size to deliver a
> file to an Epson 1440 dpi printer, the driver will just toss all that
> extra info,

The driver should/does not just "toss" the data, it should use it
intelligently and algorithmically to arrive at the required dither pattern.
If you had a sequence of data 0010 and wanted to cut that data by four,
would you make the result a 0 or a 1?  Well, the way it should do it is take
into consideration surrounding data, and intelligently arrive at the result.
So, though the data set IS reduced in your example, the data is used to
arrive at the resultant dithering, not just tossed out.


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