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Re: filmscanners: Nikon LS40ED - first impressions

Hiya Mark,

  well first of all if you want they have a bug fix version of Nikon Scan
Version 3.1 on their website.. I think the address is www.nikon-imaging.com

I got my Nikon Coolscan LS-IV yesterday but have not installed it yet since
I have a small problem with my video card or something...


> Well, I finally got around to picking up my Nikon Coolscan LS40ED this
> afternoon, and I'm very pleased with it.
> A surprisingly small machine (despite the *huge* cardboard box it came
> in!), it's produced some superb results so far. Installation was very
> easy - I plugged in the USB cable and XP immediately recognised it
> correctly and installed a driver. I installed Nikon Scan 3, and have
> already done a few decent scans. I particularly like the batch-scanning
> feature - just slipping a film strip in and letting the scanner do the
> rest (just what I wanted).
> A couple of questions:
> 1. For some reason the batch scanning facility defaults to assuming that
> each strip has 6 pictures on it. That's fine, except that some of mine
> don't - and it generates an error for the 'missing' pics. A minor
> annoyance, but not the end of the world.
> 2. Is VueScan going to be a better option for scanning than Nikon Scan
> 3? What's the batch scanning handling like?
 Small questions, but all in all I'm very pleased so far. :-)


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