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filmscanners: Canon 4000 scanner VS Nikon LS4000

Test of Canon and Nikon 4000 ppi scanner

Canon scanner and Canon  software.  Pre scan with calibration = 50 sec
Main scan 4000 ppi= 7 min  !!!!  (slow like a old Imaconscanner 6x7)

Canon scanner with Vuescan. Pre scan 15 sec.      Main scan 4 min.

Nikon LS 4000 and software 3.1.  Pre scan including calibration 45 sec.
Main scan with CMS on = 2 min.                 CMS of  = 39 sec  (fast)

Colors. Nikon much better  than Canon. Canon little bit hard and       
contra sty even with Vuescan
Nikon produce  much cleaner colors and nuances .

Canon have more noise in shadows and less details than Nikon

Sharpness: Canon much better than Nikon LS 4000. Excellent overall 
Nikon Ls 4000 can not produce equal  sharpness over the whole film area if 
the film are mounted glass less or in a filmstrip. Lack of depth of field.

The test shows that a combination of Canons  sharpness and Nikons scanning 
speed, colors and Dmax should be a nearly perfect  mid end scanner.
The complete test result will be publicized in  next Photodo Magazine.

Mikael Risedal

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