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filmscanners: noise

Hi folks - 

Only slightly less of a newbie now, I continue to study Mr. Fulton's
superlative scanning tips book, and experiment with my scanner and
software.  A few weeks into FS2710/Vuescan ownership, all this
learning is, I think, making me aware of a couple of this scanner's
shortcomings, but I want to ask about one of them.  The other is
straightforward, the lack of batch scanning capability.

But the question has to do with shadow noise, especially on Velvia
slides.  Since I'm new to "high res" scanning, I'm not entirely sure
what I'm looking for.  On some slides that I scan that have large
areas of shadow, I see something that looks like dandruff scattered
more or less evenly across the area.  Is that what shadow noise looks
like?  Are there various forms of it?  

Combining the two questions with one more - how expensive a scanner
would I have to upgrade to in order to have better shadow "silence,"
batch scanning, and some kind of ICE?  

I have on emore question, but I'll post it seperately.

Ken Durling

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