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Re: filmscanners: Canon 4000 ppi film scanner

Puzzles me too.  Maybe everyone has been put off by the references to initial 
poor quality control.  But what scanner doesn't suffer from this? (OK David, 
except maybe Polaroid!)

But much to my surprise, my local (regional Australia) electrical appliance 
retailer, who also sells package PC deals, has just put one onto his shelf at 
A$1499 (A$=~US$.51)..?!?  I thought I was the only local who even knew what a 
filmscanner was :-\..

He's agreed to set it all up, and tomorrow I'll be taking some testing slides 
and neg's over to see what it can do..

If anyone's interested I'll report back, but it will only be a lightweight 
test.  Unless of course I end up buying it.. :-)


Bob wrote:
> Is there a reason why this scanner gets so little mention on this list?  
> If so few people own them, does that say something about the quality of 
> that product? Based upon normankoren.com and others, one would think this 
> would be a strong contender in today's market, and the subject of more 
> messages.

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