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Re: filmscanners: SS4000 SCSI question.

Having used SCSI for many years, I can tell you that there have been
many different plugs and cables designed along the way.  I have a good
number of adapters and cables and pick them up whenever they are on
special locally (usually in the "specials" bin because that store is no
longer supporting SCSI devices).  This is occurring more since SCSI is
losing its stranglehold on fast interfaces with the advent of firewire
and USB v.2.

Unfortunately, if you are living in an area where SCSI is a rare
species, (as it is where I am) your best bet is often to go to a Mac
dealer, as they might still have some in stock, in spite of Apple having
replaced SCSI with Firewire.  Of course, you may pay a premium for
shopping in a Mac environment.

Some of these cables can be overpriced to the point where sometimes you
can find a card with the adapter you need for less than the cost of the
darn adapter cables.


Hemingway, David J wrote:

 > James,
 > I think the 7850is the number of the core chip used on the board, not the
 > name of the card itself. SCSI cards have come with Centronics 50 Pin, 
 > Pin, HD50 Pin and HD 68 Pin connectors. You can purchase adapters and
 > adapter cables on Adaptec's web site or locally. There is probably no 
 > to purchase another card unless it is a proprietary version made for a
 > specific device.
 > David
 >  -----Original Message-----
 > From:        Hill James [mailto:jmhphoto@mindspring.com]
 > Sent:        Monday, October 29, 2001 2:14 PM
 > To:  filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
 > Subject:     filmscanners: SS4000 SCSI question.
 > I received my new SS4000 scanner today which did not come with a SCSI 
 > I currently have a Adaptec AIC-7850 PCI SCSI Controler, but it has a
 > different type of connector - a small 60 pin with spring clips on both
 > sides.  It is hooked to an old HP ScanJet 5p.  Is there likely to be an
 > adapter which I could put between the supplied cable and the old 
 > or should I buy a new card?  I'd like to keep the HP working for rare 
 > scans.
 > TIA
 > James Hill
 > Freelance Photographer
 > Mebane, NC
 > jmhphoto@mindspring.com
 > .


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