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Re: filmscanners: SS4000 - Insight too hot?


> Am I correct the primary improvement is the addition of film terms?

They provided a large number of profiles as part of the package, but the
primary benefit would be the significantly improved negative scanning tools.
they are much easier to sue and allow a greater degree of fine tuning than
the previous method. The old and new are as different as chalk and cheese

> Well I think it is based on the monitor profile, except the file comes
> in as untagged.  It seems Insight's curves controls aren't accessable
> unless set up this way.

You can still (and should) tag the image with the monitor profile after all
it is the profile being used when you edit the image. Once the image opens
in Photoshop you simply allow conversion to your preferred colour space.
This is the method suggested by Polaroid in their web based help files and

> My monitor profile is PhotoCal/Spyder, but
> the profile may be wonky because I'm using a slightly wonky method to
> get around the fact my monitor doesn't have individually adjustable
> guns.  Time for a better monitor perhaps:)

I'll take no responsibility for spending your hard earned $$$$ :-) I've
spent enough for your over this past couple of years :-)

> I'll try again with my
> working space selected and forego Insight curves and see if that
> helps.

That is of course an alternative but is also to some extent an con :-)

> BTW, I've been discovering the value in the hue/sat controls when
> correcting raw scans.  It seems to me that without a good film term
> the individual RGB curves can be so wonky as to be near impossible to
> correct using just curves.  What's your take on this Ian??

Insight has a VERY powerful but slow colour analysis algorithm in IQA (some
companies would die for the technology). I rarely use Insight, but when I do
I ALWAYS ignore curves.

Ian Lyons



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