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Re: filmscanners: SS4000 - Insight too hot?

> >> I'm using the 4000 for the first time since an initial test to
> >> sure it worked properly.  I've been trying Insight, Vuescan and
> >> Silverfast 5.1 ai on a Win 98 box.  So far all my scans are color
> >> negs.
> You should try Version 5.5 if scanning negatives. It is a LOT
better. You
> can download a demo and check it out yourself.

Am I correct the primary improvement is the addition of film terms?

> >> Anyway, I'm posting to get others impressions about something I'm
> >> seeing with Insight - too much saturation, a "hot" rendition of
> >> anything I scan.  May look good to some, but it ain't
"accurate" -
> >> kind of a Velvia view on everything.  Is there something I can do
> >> "flatten" the image going in?  I prefer to build up contrast and
> >> saturation in Photoshop as needed instead of the other way round.
> That is unusual. Is this occurring in the preview or only the scan?
> which profile you are using as the basis for your preview display.
If based
> upon your own monitor profile it might be that there is something
not quite
> right with it

Well I think it is based on the monitor profile, except the file comes
in as untagged.  It seems Insight's curves controls aren't accessable
unless set up this way.  My monitor profile is PhotoCal/Spyder, but
the profile may be wonky because I'm using a slightly wonky method to
get around the fact my monitor doesn't have individually adjustable
guns.  Time for a better monitor perhaps:)  I'll try again with my
working space selected and forego Insight curves and see if that

BTW, I've been discovering the value in the hue/sat controls when
correcting raw scans.  It seems to me that without a good film term
the individual RGB curves can be so wonky as to be near impossible to
correct using just curves.  What's your take on this Ian??


> Ian Lyons


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