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RE: filmscanners: Re: filmscanners: Pixels per inch vs DPI

I'm using a HP 722C right now, and I actually get pretty good results
from it, although it's only 300dpi.  I would like whatever I get next
to be a significant improvement.  Do I need to go "all the way" with
Epson to get that?


My 'previous' printer was also a HP 722C.  I just picked up a Epson 780 a
few weeks ago for $99.  A great improvement.  It was worth it alone for the
better drivers.  The later HP drivers did not work across the network on my
722C.  Everyone in the house ended up sitting at my PC to print.  Also, the
color control options in the EPSON driver is excellent.  They are
non-existent on the 722C.  I was frustrated in trying to get rid of a slight
magenta cast on my 722C.  In the EPSON, you can override the driver and
select color, density, etc.

I figure that for $99 I can give it away in a year if I see a 'new' model
that I'd like.  I would have preferred the larger print size, but I couldn't
pass up the price.  I'm VERY happy with the printer.  I finally have my
scanner, video, and print reasonably matched.


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