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filmscanners: tango vs. nikon 8000

> Nevertheles it may be useful to know that on the Yahoo "Piezography3000"
> list there were several people who pointed out that if the Tango
> is operated
> with professional skills, its scans should normally be clearly better than
> the Nikons. I saw somewhere else scans of the Imacon Photo vs.
> Nikon 8000,
> and there it was visible that the Imacon is the better machine.

Yes, but some while ago I realised that drum scanner operators often dont
care about your particular job, have time pressures, (and in my case, very
little experience of negatives)
They get maybe 80-90% out of a superior machine
I will get 95% out of a slightly inferior machine
end results are nearly the same,
except my original negatives are still clean and not messed up.

If the tester has a Tango at work, ($80,000?) then I'd guess he is
professional too?

Re Imacons vs Nikon or Polaroid,
Most testers dont switch the unsharp mask off properly - it has to be set to
minus 120,
rather than zero, to be truly off. very clever trick by imacon to make it
look off when it isnt.
so the raw scans seem sharper

Ian did a test vs the polaroid at this setting, and saw negligble



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