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RE: filmscanners: Nikon film flatness (was Glass slide mounts)

>is in the area of threading. The more threads an application has, the

Absolutely, and the thread(s - yeah right) monopolise the CPU. Have you ever
noticed how with a fast PC you can surf the net, check email, work on an
image in PS AND scan a 128mb file in Vuescan, play a CD and the CPU is doing
virtually zilch, then with NS3.1 a lot of the time the CPU is pegged at
95-100% - by itself! Exhibiting typical highest priority, single thread
behaviour if you ask me. They need to hire a few decent developers IMO! NS
is way too resource hungry, it acts like it owns the system and that is part
of the problem with all these crashes IMO.

Whats funny compared to others on W2K, I personally haven't had many crashes
with NS3.1 (like 2?!) and I like it's interface and think it's better than
Vuescan in a number of ways - namely pre scan curve adjustments, gain,
manual focus points etc - but I use NS now only for chrome. Vuescan somehow
seems to smack NS when it comes to B&W negs - oh and it has _never crashed
on me, even on an 'ancient' Celeron 400.



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