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RE: filmscanners: RE: filmscanners: Re: Hello, thanks, and more.

> Strictly speaking decimation means remove 1 in 10 hence the "dec" so it's
> definitely NOT the correct term even if some illiterate yank coined the
> phrase.
> ;-)

Strictly speaking, in a normal English conversation (not engineering) you
are entirely correct, sir.

> Personally I use down-sample (and up-sample for the reverse).

Down-sampling is a fine term, but the word decimate is entirely correct in
the DSP world...and is universally understood by people who design digital
imaging systems (and any signal processing/DSP systems for that
matter)...and we are talking about digital imaging systems, arent we?

Heres some info on decimation filters, if youre interested:


The first document is a basic guide to digital filtering, and is quite for
those who dont know anything about digital filtering...and it does have a
section on decimation and interpolation.  The second document is just a
hardware decimation filter...just showing that is what they call it, not a
down-sampling filter...I just use the terms, someone else makes them up


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