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Re: RE: filmscanners: RE: filmscanners: Re: Hello, thanks, and more.

Thumbs Plus (a shareware browser and processor)  has these options for resizing 
(OK Austin, 'decimate'!), in order of low to high quality:
- nearest neighbour
- bi-linear
- resample
- bicubic

My experiments revealed that the first 2 weren't very good (I think they were 
only there for those with very slow machines), and that the difference between 
'resample' (?) and bi-cubic was not much at all.

As an interesting non-f-s side issue, I found that the 'resample' method was 
the most effective in reducing moire effects (those loverly patterns you get 
when scanning from halftoned images).  

Note for those getting started in all this, and have no money left after buying 
the scanner..:) - Thumbs Plus v3.3 (registered) was recently given away on some 
magazine cover CD's.  That version is quite old and is strictly 24-bit I think, 
but it is the one I still use and it's VERY quick and easy.  I would recommend 
it to anyone who doesn't understand/like the way PS/PSP/PI handle resizing and 
resolution.  You'll still need your image editor for touchups etc but TP does 
resizing/rotating, cropping, gamma-bright-contrast, RGB color adjustment and 
some very nifty 'contact-sheet' printing, all *very* simply.


PS - if you do try version 3.3, when installing tell it to leave its DLL's in 
the Thumbs folder - I **wish** more progams offered this!!

PPS - if you're cheap like me and you can't find the free version, you can 
still download v3.3 from www.cerious.com.  3.3 doesn't get 'crippled' after 30 
days like the new ones.


David wrote:
> One of the new features of the upcoming release of Polacolor Insight is the
> ability to use one of several decimation techniques..

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