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filmscanners: LS-4000, calibration and Windows XP

I've noticed that I get much better results from Nikon Scan 3.1 if I disable
color management. If I continue using this technique, I assume I should make
a profile for the scanner that I'd assign to images in Photoshop. I could
also use this profile with VueScan when scanning in raw format - at least,
that's what I think. 

Any comments on doing this? A collegue at work has offered to help me make
the profile if I generate a 300dpi raw scan from a target slide but I'm not
sure if Nikon Scan or VueScan is the best place to make a raw scan.

BTW, is anyone using Nikon Scan 3.1 with Windows XP? I'm having problems
with my LS-4000, Windows XP and the LS-4000's included film strip adapter
(SA-21). The scanning software fails to start if the adapter is already in
the scanner or, if the software is already running, it doesn't recognize the
adapter. The scanner's green light continues to flash after I put the
adapter in and the scanner makes a noise until I either force-quit Nikon
Scan or power cycle the scanner. The slide adapter works fine. 



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