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Re: filmscanners: RE: filmscanners: Re: Hello, thanks, and more.

"Maris V. Lidaka, Sr." wrote:

> Screen dpi is not necessarily 72dpi - it depends on the size of the screen 
>and what resolution you set your monitor to - consider a 17" monitor at 
>600x800 pixels v. set at 1200x1600 pixels - the second will have double the 
>dpi of the first.
> Ignore dpi for web use - pay attention to the pixel dimensions of the image 
>only, e.g. 480x640 or whatever.

No matter which set of parameters (pixel count or 72 dpi) you still end up with 
images of different sizes on monitors set on to different resolutions.  It 
finally makes no difference which set you use.  I say use whichever is more 
to you.

When we scan for web viewing, we scan at 72 dpi, to whatever final dimensions 
we want the image to be.  If we want a 4x6 print to be viewed at 8x12, we would 
scan it at 200% and 72 dpi.  We use a 42 bit Microtek Scanmaker X12 USL 
scanner, ant
it works well.  On our old, cheaper 24 bit Umax we could not do this.....On 
that one, we needed to scan at full resolution and then convert in Photoshop.

Harvey Ferdschneider
partner, SKID Photography, NYC


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