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Re: filmscanners: Nikon film flatness

Without looking into the actual design of their scanners, I would guess 
what might be going on is that the magnification ratio needed on the LS 
8000 (which would depend upon the size of the CCD chip width) might be 
lower on the LS8000 than the LS 40.  As you probably know, the more the 
image of the film has to be enlarged, the shallower the DOF at the focal 
point.  So if one scanner uses a 2:1 ratio of source to CCD size, and 
the other uses a 1:1 ratio, the DOF would be different.

A larger piece of film medium format might use a lower magnification 
relative to the CCD image sensor, and this would increase the depth of 

Again, I have not analyzed these scanners, so this is a guess.


Tomasz Zakrzewski wrote:

> Bill Fernandez
>>It is interesting that, as you say, I've never heard this complaint
>>from LS-8000 owners.
> 1) Well, Raphael Bustin., who used to write to this forum, sent me a CD with
> some scans made with his 8000ED. Unfortunately, some of the scans show
> unsharp grain at the edges. Most affected are scans from 35mm film. 120 film
> images seem to have sharp grain all over (the're 6x4,5cm). I don't know
> neither the state of the films, neither which film holder he used for
> scanning. But nevertheless the problem exists with 8000ED as well.
> 2) To those of you experienced with 4000ED/8000ED: please take a look at
> www.zakrzewski.art.pl/negs I have uploaded pictures of my negs. My question
> is whether  my negs as they are, can pose any problem for the 4000ED/8000ED
> as far as film curvature goes? Are they flat enough not to worry about the
> scanners' too shallow DOF?
> I assume I'd be scanning exclusively with FH-3 film strip holder if I bought
> 4000ED. I don't know if similar holder is shipped with 8000ED but that'd be
> my choice as well.
> Regards
> Tomasz Zakrzewski
> www.zakrzewski.art.pl
> .


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