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Re: filmscanners: Glass slide mounts

In regard to soft edges and corner with scans, make sure, as noted by 
others, that the problem is indeed with the scanner and not your camera 
lenses.  If you see good clear "grain" that is in relatively consistent 
focus throughout the image including corners, but the corners and edges 
of the image itself are soft, it is more than likely this is a problem 
with your camera lenses.  Most camera lenses are maximized for best 
sharpness at the center, and particularly if not stopped down to a 
middle f-stop, will tend to show softness toward the edges (especially 
the short edge which is further away from the center), and the corners. 
  Stopping down these lenses might help, but in some cases, if your 
lenses are the economy grade, it is just inherent in the lens design.

Zoom lenses often have sweet spots (and I suppose therefore "sore 
spots") where this problem is reduced or amplified.



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