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Re: filmscanners: Silverfast HDR

Thanks for the detailed info, will most likely have to get NegaFix by
the end of the week and most likely will get it for HDR. 

Finally got HDR working, at the moment the HDR install seems to have
killed my AI operation (my guess is that I need to recalibrate) so for
now I'm scanning in 48bit in VueScan and then using HDR to modify the
image before converting the image.

This version of Silverfast is way less stable then 5.x is on  my 836Xl
Epson Flatbed scanner.

Lots of times Silverfast AI can't see the scanner, while Polacolor &
Vuescan have no problems. So far I've installed & uninstalled both AI
& HDR 3 times. VueScan & Polacolor installed without problems the
first time. I even installed Polacolor the week before the scanner
arrived - 

as usual b&w negs are no problem, the only problem I'm having with old
slides is not the scanners problem but is starting to worry me - My
old slides 25 years plus have developed blue blooms 
Luckily the bloom only shows up in the blue channel (they are visible
to the eye when you know what to look for)

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