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Re: filmscanners: Silverfast HDR

Make sure that the 48-bit file that Silverfast Ai creates is in TIF format.  
Also, tell Silverfast HDR to save its output to a file rather than export it 
directly to Photoshop.  That might eliminate any problems between HDR and 
Photoshop.  Other than that, all I can recommend is to contact Lasersoft and 
hope you get better service from them than most people do.  You might also try 
the Silverfast forum at www.silverfast.com and see if another user with more 
knowledge than me can help troubleshoot your problem.

In a message dated Fri, 19 Oct 2001  1:34:25 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
magpie@digisys.net (Shawn Coggins) writes:

> Well I'm still trying to figure out the SilverFast HDR puzzle on my
> system - Mac Dual G4 OS 9.04
> Silverfast 5.x works fine, Polacolor works fine (btw it pays to play
> around with the various softwares when working with color negs)
> ViewScan works fine
> when I try and run Silverfast HDR it comes up with the open window, I
> select a 48bit file saved by Silverfast 5.x and wham I'm back in
> Photoshop with no opened file.
> Tried moving the HDR plugin from import/export under the generic
> heading to the import/esport folder under Photoshop (only) plugins (PS
> 6.01)
> Still no luck
> Any suggestions
> ps 
> When I have problems with a color neg I try all three applications,
> sometimes Viewscan gets it, sometimes SilverFast & other times
> Polacolor does the best.
> Shawn Coggins  http://www.originalgimp.org/index.htm
> http://www.herronparkhorsetrials.org/


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