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Re: filmscanners: OT: Monitor Purchase

2001-10-19-06:20:30 Lloyd O'Daniel:
> My experience with monitors in general (and I've bought in the $600-800
> range previously) is that they die in 3-4 years anyway, which discourages me
> from paying a premium.

H'mm... My experience has been just the opposite.  Nearly ten years
ago I spent what seems by today's standards a shocking amount on a
Nanao T560i 17" monitor, and feel I've gotten it all back over the
years in reduced eyestrain and bulletproof reliability.  (But, as
another poster brought up, I haven't operated a computer or monitor
which wasn't on a UPS in that time).  I haven't been doing serious
monitor shopping recently, but I have some notions of which brands I'd
look into for truly good monitors...

First, there's still Eizo/Nanao:


Then, there are the apparently just two truly top-notch computer
monitors from Sony:


After that, we get beyond my personal experience.  They don't seem to
be available here in the States, but I hear LaCie monitors have an
excellent reputation.  And perhaps there are some good things from
Mitsubishi, since I hear they licensed Sony's Trinitron class and
made some incremental improvements of their own.


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