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was: filmscanners: High End Scanner Prices now: scan resolutions

This topic seems to have moved into MF scan resolution vs output size.
which I wanted to put in 2c worth

I use a 4000dpi MF scanner, and my slightly cropped 6x7's are around 250Mb
by the time I have dropped them into 8 bit.
So far everyone has been dividing these pixels by 240 or 300 dpi for maximum
inkjet output, but... with large format inkjets (Epson 10000, HP, Roland
Hi-Fi, etc) all the manufacturers ever say you need is 120dpi, which is then
RIP-ed (which must mean interpolated) up to output dpi.
So you can get *very* large prints out of this file size at high quality.
50inch or so, no problem.

Then, as for lightjet/lamda printing, Labs here only want a 75 or 100Mb
file, for say a 50inch print, and frown if you try and give them more Mb
(and I suspect downsample then rip back up) than that. Drives me nuts, but
they all work that way, and seem to get pretty good output.

If you need more from your MF scanner, then there's always Genuine



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